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Whenever you talk about a sandwich, what comes to your mind is a sensational mix of crispy and crunchiness outside and creaminess inside. This combination makes them irresistible. Here at Black Lab Birmingham, we will acquaint you with such yummy recipes that we have in our kitchen. So, let’s start with our menu. From Salads, you can have some Couscous & Halloumi Salad, Chicken Salad or Greek Salad. After this, its time for signature sandwiches, here you will get some mouth-watering flavors like Woody Allen, Croque Monsieur, Larry David, El Matador, and many more. After this, you can have some wrap items like Betty White, Latino Heat or El Chapo. You should also like some of our Cakes, which include Oreo Brownie, Canadian Carrot, Red Velvet or Cookies & Cream. Besides all these, we have a section for a selected drinks and wines as well. Visit us shortly.

About Black Lab menu

Our restaurant is very much famous for serving high-quality sandwich and other dishes. We always focus on providing our clients with some extraordinary recipes, and hence we have so many people visiting our restaurant at regular intervals. We offer you both home delivery and takeaway options through which you can enjoy our food from anyplace you are located. All you need to do is download our app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, pick your favorite recipe from our menu, and place your order. We will ensure that your food reaches your preferred location in no time for you to enjoy. If this is your first meet with us, we can assure you an unforgettable experience. We are looking forward to you having a memorable outing with us. Wishing you happy dining at our place.

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Because we are located at such a convenient location at 100 High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7JZ, it is a big reason why we can get more people visiting us. Since our restaurant is located in such a prime location, it's very easy for people to come here without any hassles whatsoever. This is also the reason why our home delivery service quite fast. If you still think you might encounter a challenge to find our place, use our mobile app, which is loaded with the GPS feature for helping you during navigation. We truly believe that you are going to have a fantastic time here at our restaurant, so come here to make the most of it.